Hello ladies,

Ok so it’s been months since I attended the 2014 afro hair and beauty show back in May and it’s only now I’m actually getting this post up. Let’s just say it has been a busy few months for me, but better late than never!!

The 2014 Afro hair and beauty show took place in London at the Business Design Centre on 25-26th May 2014. The show was held at the same venue as the previous year and as I always say “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”. I thought the Design and Business Centre was a good venue for the show as it was well positioned and had plenty of space.

The Business Design Centre



I attended the show last year so I knew exactly what to expect and I was not disappointed. There was plenty to see and it was definitely high-class with respect to displays, fashion shows, speakers, demonstrations and products to buy, in comparison to newer, smaller shows. It was clear that the Afro hair and beauty show was not only well established but also well attended. When I said there was plenty to see I wasn’t joking, just look at a few of the different shows and demonstrations that I managed to see, needless to say I didn’t get a chance to see everything and I didn’t even really attend any of the advertised talks or presentations.


If unlike myself you were not on a “hair product budget” then there was also plenty of hair care and hair related products to buy.

Some of the many exhibitors

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Hello ladies,

I am frequently asked how I achieve my hair length and what methods I use to retain length, well it’s not a big secret really and to be honest I’ve chosen the easy route to long heathy hair. For those of you who do not know, I attribute much of my hair growth and length retention to ‘protective styling’ and my number one means of protective styling at the moment is crochet braiding. Crochet braiding is a technique that involves cornrowing your own hair and simply attaching loose hair to the cornrows using a crochet needle in a ‘latch hook method’. Please check out my new YouTube video to see how I achieve my ‘natural look’ crochet braid-out look with mode model Marley braiding hair. I’m both an advocate and massive fan of this method of protective styling!  For my sisters who have not yet discovered crochet braids or for those who would like to give crochet braiding a go, here are 15 reasons why I think crochet braiding is the ideal protective style.

  1. Crochet braids are easy and quick to install, especially if you pay a professional to install them for you. They take between 3-4 hours to install once your hair has been cornrowed.
  2. Your entire hair is allowed to rest underneath in the cornrows.
  3. They are a time saver, in most cases you can literally get up and go because daily styling is relatively simple.
  4. There is no need to leave out your own natural hair but you can choose to do so if you wish.
  5. The strands of your own hair are not all intertwined with the extension again reducing the tension placed upon your own hair strands.
  6. There is no daily styling, brushing, combing or manipulation of your own natural hair therefore allowing your own hair to grow and rest. You are therefore able to retain all your growth and so help to retain length. This is what I call 100% protective styling at its very best.
  7. They look extremely natural and if installed correctly they look very much like your own natural hair.
  8. You can wash/cleanse your natural hair while wearing crochet braids, giving your own hair the much needed moisture it requires to remain healthy and grow.
  9. You can easily oil your scalp and moisturise your natural hair, thereby preventing dryness and ensuring your hair is less prone to breakage (I have a post coming up about how to do this- so stay tuned).
  10. They look really, really good and they actually look even better the longer you have them in.
  11. No glue, tread or chemicals required.
  12. Crochet braids are kinder to your edges than conventional braids since your hair underneath is cornrowed.
  13. Crochet braiding is inexpensive with two bags of Model Model Marley braids costing only £7.89 (you only need one and a half bags) perfect in a time of recession when you might have more important things to spend your money on i.e shoes! Lol
  14. You can use different types of synthetic hair not just Marley hair, for example water wave, kanakelon, expressions etc
  15. They are quick and easy to take out – simply cut the Marley braid just above the cornrows and then take down the cornrows and the reminder Marley hair will simply come out.

So if you have not already, it might be worthwhile giving crochet braids a go?  Considering all the positives I have listed above I personally believe crochet braiding has many advantages when compared to weaves or other braiding methods.

What you will need:

1.) Model Model Marley braid 1 or 1B

Model model marley braiding hair

Model Model Marley braiding hair


2.) Crochet needle

Crochet needle for installing marley braiding hair

Crochet needle for installing Marley braiding hair


My 10 top tips for installing crochet braids:

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It’s sad news ladies. British Curlies yesterday announced they will no longer be stocking Giovanni cosmetics products, apparently due to U.K distributor discontinuing the range. Shocking! Could this really be true? For those who absolutely love Giovanni products, especially the direct leave-in conditioner, this will come as a massive blow.

imageI personally use Giovanni direct leave-in as a staple hair product, so I totally understand the frustration many of you are feeling. Hopefully the cosmetic line will be available from other suppliers online but we will only know as time progresses. For those who are unsure what to do about this news, I can only suggest you stock up right away.  If British Curlies are indeed correct in there statement, other U.K supplies may run out of stock eventually. Hopefully there are suppliers out there who obtain Giovanni direct from America.

Giovanni direct leave in conditioner - one of my key hair staples

Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner – one of my key hair staples

I am totally unwilling and unprepared to sever my long term relationship with Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner or smooth as silk shampoo.

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Hello ladies, I hope you like my first YouTube video


This is my first video tutorial (my first YouTube video) on how to do an elegant updo Mohawk on medium length natural hair. This hair style is perfect for special occasions or formal events and it can be accessorised in may ways (not only with a flower).

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