It’s sad news ladies. British Curlies yesterday announced they will no longer be stocking Giovanni cosmetics products, apparently due to U.K distributor discontinuing the range. Shocking! Could this really be true? For those who absolutely love Giovanni products, especially the direct leave-in conditioner, this will come as a massive blow.

imageI personally use Giovanni direct leave-in as a staple hair product, so I totally understand the frustration many of you are feeling. Hopefully the cosmetic line will be available from other suppliers online but we will only know as time progresses. For those who are unsure what to do about this news, I can only suggest you stock up right away.  If British Curlies are indeed correct in there statement, other U.K supplies may run out of stock eventually. Hopefully there are suppliers out there who obtain Giovanni direct from America.

Giovanni direct leave in conditioner - one of my key hair staples

Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner – one of my key hair staples

I am totally unwilling and unprepared to sever my long term relationship with Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner or smooth as silk shampoo.

Totally unprepared! I will stock up and watch to see how this all pans out. Where there is a will there is a way, if I am unable to obtain Giovanni products from the U.K I will source them from America -but I very much doubt this will be the case. Hopefully we will all see no change and this is just a temporary glitch. For the ladies who do not use or who are unfamiliar with Giovanni products, you are potentially missing a trick. Ladies please share your views.

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