21 Nov 2013
November 21, 2013

Hello world!- my very first blog post

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Why I started this blog

Welcome to naturalcocodoll.co.uk.  I have been wanting to start a blog about natural hair care for a long while but I reasoned with myself that I would not be able to do it.

I’ve spent hours viewing videos on YouTube and browsing natural hair care sites/blogs (almost bordering on the obsessive), but these were mainly American and I was often enticed into buying products or seeking services that were only available in America! I really felt I was alone on my natural hair care journey, with not many sisters from the U.K along with me for the ride! I was determined to find out about the basics of natural hair care and what I need to do to care for my own hair, not a bibliography on all things pertaining to hair! I just wanted to know what I had to do to start caring for my hair straight away and how exactly to go about it!  I wanted to get straight to the point without the peripherals, jargon and endless proverbial blurb!  Just simple impartial advice. I wanted to know where to find natural hair care products, where natural hair events were taking place and where I could find a natural hair community.

I did not really find what I was looking for initially but after many hours of searching and clicking onto links I finally found all the information, stockists and communities I wanted! It turns out that there is a wealth of information out there for the British natural and I want to ensure everyone can easily find this wealth of information without the fuss and hours of searching I endured.  I want to make sure everyone has this information at hand so they can feel empowered to start their own natural hair care journey to grow their own long natural healthy hair.

Finally and most importantly, I wanted to debunk the popular, thoughts, believes and ideologies about black beauty and natural hair.  Here at naturalcocodoll I am going to recognise, love and celebrate natural hair and black beauty in style!

At naturalcocodoll.co.uk I am dedicated to serving the natural hair community whether it be natural hair care advise, hairstyle video tutorials, product reviews, natural chat or naturals hair fashion t-shirts.  Why not join the naturalcocodoll growing community of natural sisters and share your own experiences?


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