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I’m a firm believer in keeping my natural hair journey simple especially when it comes to styling. The comment I get frequently from many aspiring naturals is that natural hair is so “difficult to maintain” and that it is hard to find suitable hair styles. I also receive comments about the need for preparing hair from the night before – “It’s all so much hard work!” they exclaim. Well my answers to these refutable claims are simple. No, you don’t have to spend hours styling your hair, no it’s not too much hard work to style and no you don’t have to find a thousand different ways to style your natural hair if you are not so inclined.

If you frequent my Facebook or my Instagram account you will know that I love me some hairstyles and the bigger the better, but if you’re not into all that fancy, that’s O.k! In fact you don’t need to know a thousand ways to style your hair to stay on or begin your natural hair journey. If you can only manage to style your hair into a bun for work, school and play, again that’s O.k.  I will show you how I style my hair into a simple high bun – which literally takes 5 minutes and then accessories the same bun for all occasions and I mean all occasions.

Where I purchase my accessories
So where do I buy all my accessories you might ask? Well….. you can buy hair accessories just about anywhere, for example your local black hair shop, but I like to buy my hair accessories from the high street. You can find an array of hair accessories for any occasion from shops such as H&M, Forever21, Claire’s accessories and even Primark to name but a few. Look at the different hair accessories you can pick up on your local high street (below) – well for me Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham City Centre since everywhere else is usually closed by the time I finish work.

Check out my recent purchases from Claire’s accessories (below), they were a lot more expensive than I had hoped but I did manage to find exactly what I was looking for:


How I create my high bun: 


Sept 1: Start with freshly washed air dried stretched hair. Brush hair into a extra high ponytail and secure with a banana clip.

The banana clip I use

The banana clip I use

Step 2: Once you have secured your banana clip. Section your hair into four sections and loosely twist the ends of each section.

Step 3: Join the ends of each section together and braid the four ends together so that you have your bun with a little braid at the top.

Step 4: Tuck the braided section under into the bun and secure it with a bobby pin or two.

So there you are, four quick and easy steps to create your high bun. The finished style should be firmly secured with the aid of more than enough bobby pins.

How I accessories my high bun for different occasions

IMG_5244.JPG The work or college look (keeping it simple):

IMG_5247.JPGThe headscarf look:

IMG_5241.JPGThe prom look:

IMG_5238.JPGThe sophisticated look:

IMG_7785.JPGThe elegant look:

IMG_5239.JPGThe wedding look:

IMG_5240.JPGThe summer look:

IMG_5243.JPGThe evening out look:

IMG_5242.JPGThe “chilling with the girls” look:

My top 10 tips for creating your bun:

  1. Your hair should be fully stretched for this hairstyle to work best and to reduces section of hair which will not fit neatly within your bun.
  2. If you find you have gaps or sections where you can see through your high bun just fluff out each of the four sections to cover it.
  3. If your hair is not quite long enough to all fit into the bun don’t worry, just twist the shorter sections with slightly longer sections which do fit and hey presto, they’re in.
  4. If you have shorter hair you might have to braid a larger section than I have in my photo in order to secure the shorter sections of hair.
  5. Ensure your braided section is braided securely or you risk your bun becoming loose.
  6. Your bun will be much bigger if you use a banana clip rather than a standard hair band. If you don’t own a banana clip, I would suggest you purchase one, I have several.
  7. Don’t feel limited to only a high bun, the same principle can work for a side bun or if you were to wear your hair back.
  8. Why not braid you hair into four sections from the night before. I often find this helpful.
  9. Remember bobby pins are your friends, the more the merrier! It is important that you secure your braided ends with enough bobby pins so that your bun does not become lose.
  10. If you want to use an alternative method to create your bun – no problem.

What methods do you use to simplifies your hair styling process? Any simple tips?

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