My hair regime

My hair regime summary:

  • I pre-shampoo my hair once a week the night before washing by adding natural oils
  • I co-wash or clarify my hair in sections once a week (using a PH balanced, sulfate free shampoo if I have used hair products containing silicone or other not so great ingredients).
  • I deep condition once weekly after co-washing/clarifying and use a leave in conditioner in preparation for styling
  • I use very little heat on my hair but frequently air dry (If I am short on time I may use a hair drying – using the tension method on low heat)
  • After washing my hair, I wear it in a protective or low manipulation style for the entire week.
  • I try my best to moisturise and seal daily but I sometimes forget
  • I wear a stain or silk scarf on my hair at night for bed

My hair regime in detail:

1.) My current wash day regime (I have not found the perfect fit yet, but so far this regime is working)

Saturday night:
Tools and products I use:
Clips or hair bands to separate hair
Tropic Isle Living black Jamaican Castor Oil (BJCO)
Plastic cap

The process:

  • Finger detangle hair
  • Saturate hair with BJCO
  • Plat or twist hair in 8-10 sections (leaving the roots loose and available for cleansing)
  • Leave oil in hair under plastic cap overnight

Sunday morning:

Tools and products I use:
Large, seem free detangling comb
Clips to separate hair
Plastic cap
Apple cider vinegar (ACV) clarifying rinse or Giovanni smooth as silk shampoo
Giovanni direct leave in conditioner or Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner or Aubrey honeysuckle rose moisturising conditioner
Vatica enriched coconut oil
Macadamia deep repair masque

The process:

  • Rinse the BJCO from hair (while still in plats/twists)
  • Using the ACV make a ACV rinse to remove product build up and to clarify hair and scalp
  • Alternatively I sometimes cleanse hair with Giovanni smooth as silk shampoo if not co-washing
  • Co-wash hair with conditioners 2-3 times while detangling
  • Deep condition hair by applying the Macadamia deep repair masque and leave on hair for 30minutes (or as long as possible) then rinse
  • Once deep conditioning is complete I apply Giovanni direct leave in with the Vatica enriched coconut oil
  • Style hair in desired style I.e twist, braid and leave to air dry (may use curling product or butter at this stage)
  • I try not to use heat on my hair but if my schedule does not allow for air drying I blow dry on “cool” using the tension method

2.) Additions I may include in my wash routine when required:

  1. Henna colour treatment
  2. Amla hair mask
  3. Hot oil hair treatment
  4. Homemade natural mask
  5. Teas rinse
  6. Bentonite clay mask

3.) Trimming my hair:

I try to trim my hair every 6 months (especially when my hair is not in protective styles)

4.) My go to, must haves, holy grails – like I really can’t live without these products:

  1. Raw unprocessed “creamy” shear butter
  2. Giovanni direct leave in conditioner
  3. Giovanni smother as silk conditioner
  4. Viatica enriched coconut oil
  5. Tropic Isle Living black Jamaican Castor Oil
  6. Jojoba oil
  7. Olive oil (extra virgin, cold pressed)
  8. Macadamia deep repair masque
  9. Aubrey honeysuckle rose moisturising conditioner
  10. Apple cider vinegar
Some of my staple products

Some of my staple products

Some more of my staple products

Some more of my staple products

4.) Daily hair maintenance products:

I have a simple daily routine that mainly consists of creamy raw shear butter; some type of oil (mainly coconut oil) and olive oil Eco-Style gel for my sleeked up hair styles. I would like to say I moisture and seal my hair religiously every day but I really don’t, at times I forget or I am just too tired but I do try my best to keep my hair moisturised at all times. I sometimes use Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner between washes as a hair cream if I feel my hair is particularly dry.

No.1 daily hair maintenance product

No.1 daily hair maintenance product