When I first received my surprise invitation to be a bridesmaid at my good friend’s wedding, far from been at a loss as to how I would be styling my medium length natural hair for a wedding, I was actually wondering which amazing style should I pull from my treasure chest of natural hairstyles. After a brief look at a couple of YouTube videos and Pinterest photos to help me decide, I was finally left with the difficult choice between a mega empress bun and an elegant sophisticated afro Mohawk.  After much deliberation, I finally decided to choose a mega bun; not only is this style super easy to create, but it never fails to attract a flurry of compliments (plus I could only find one banana clip).

With the right knowledge and experience, styling natural hair on a daily basis should be a five minute job.  However, equally as important are those special events such as weddings, banquets, promising dates or that very special prom. These occasions should not pose a problem for the natural sister when it comes to styling her kinky, curly, coily, wavy natural hair. Check out my YouTube video above on how I achieved my perfect “mega bun” hairstyle.

Step-by-step styling guide: How I created my mega bun on medium length natural hair for the wedding

Styling medium length natural hair for a wedding

1.)    I usually start with stretched hair after an old braided out.

2.)    Using my trusted bristle brush, I brush my hair up to the crown of my head, ensuring all my stray hair strands are slicked back.

3.)    I add moisture to my hair before styling by applying Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner to my hair and ends.

4.)    I always use my trusted Eco-styler argon oil gel, as I like to slick down my edges and give my styles a super sleek appearance.

5.)    Using a zig zag hair band, I secure my hair at the crown of my head. I always ensure a large circumference area is gripped with the zig zag band to make sure I have more than enough hair left out for the different sections of the mega bun.

6.)    Using one leg of an old pair of tights, I secure the zig zag hair band so that my hair feels super secure and to also help my edges lay flat.

7.)    Using a small section of hair at the very centre of the hair that is left out, I secure a small mini bun. This mini bun will form the base of the rest for the hair style, as this is where the other sections of the bun will be secured.

8.)    I then twist two “chunky” twists, one on each side of the zigzag hair band, just above my ear. These twists will hide the zig zag band and tights as well as add an elegant detail to the finished style.

9.)    I then section small sections at a time and secure each section of my hair on to the mini bun – this gives the style more height and the illusion of more body.

10.)  One chunky twist is then used to cover the front of the hairstyle where the zig zag hair band and tights are showing, while the other chunky twist is used to cover the back.

11.)  You can add a hair accessory at this point if you like.  Check out my previous blog post on how I accessorise the same simple bun hairstyle for different occasions.

An array of natural hairstyles for an amazing wedding and a beautiful natural bride

You may be surprised to know that I was not the only bridesmaid flying the flag for the natural hair corner. In fact, the entire bridal party wore natural hairstyles, including sister locks and braids. This, in my opinion, is a true testimony of how far the natural hair movement has come.  Not only were all the bridesmaids natural, but the beautiful bride wore her natural hair in a loosely straightened hairstyle; she looked absolutely gorgeous with her elegant yet simple updo:

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The 100% all natural bridal party

However today’s black women choose to wear their natural hair, there seems to be no end to the versatility of styles.  I was so pleased to see all the ladies sporting natural hairstyles on the day from the cutest mini bun to sister locks – the entire bridal party looked fabulous.  I was absolutely loving Kimberly’s sisterlock updo, which further demonstrates the real versatility of natural hair.

Styling medium length natural hair for a wedding

Natural hairstyles now the “preferred” option 

No longer do I feel the need to have my hair weaved for important occasions.  No longer do I worry about the possibilities of styling my natural hair for events such as a wedding. How the tables have turned. These days, I actually protective style with key events or holiday seasons in mind, always ensuring my natural hair is out in all its glory ready for that big event.  This is even more so the case, now that my hair has reached mid back length (check out my recent length check post). I still inevitably end up wearing my hair in some type of updo, since I find my delicate ends are better protected from the harsh elements. Although I plan to put my hair in crochet braids very soon, I can guarantee it will be out of protective styling for the Christmas festive seasons – with the numerous dinners, banquets and other events to look forward to, I definitely want to make sure I have my own natural hair.

So ladies, what are your thoughts? Do you feel confident wearing your natural hair to special occasions? Do you sometimes feel pressured to conform to western ideals?