May 2013

May 2013


Hello ladies, I hope you like my second YouTube Video


This hair style is similar to the hairstyle in my first YouTube video and I’ve used the same products/trusted banana clip. This style can be worn for a chilled out look or accessorised and dressed up for a special event. I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who has commented and given feedback on my first YouTube video (which was uploaded last week).  The feedback has been amazing and I’ve taken on board many of your comments and suggestions. Based on your feedback I’ve made the following changes to my second YouTube video:

1.)  My new YouTube video is much shorter without compromising on the details. My first video was 11 minutes long however this new video is only 4 minutes so I’ve actually manged to cut the video time by more than half.

2.) I have increased the speed of particular sections of the video so the repetitive sections go by quickly.

3.) I’ve tried my best to choose the most appropriate YouTube standard thumbnail but in future ill have a custom thumbnail.

4.) Although I’m not speaking in this video, I do have videos coming where I do actually speak.

For this style you will need:

1.) Bobby pins

2.) A banana clips

3.) Flower (optional)

Products used:

1.) Raw creamy shea butter on this occasion

2.) Ordinarily I also use argon oil eco-styler gel

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